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Naked News

4.5 ( 75 ratings )
Actualités Divertissement
Développeur Egalaxy Multimedia Inc.

Download the App that was so provocative that we had to make the girls put ON clothes to be allowed in the App Store. Weve created a fun and free, SAFE FOR WORK iPhone app that lets you have a taste of what the Naked News program is all about. Meet the anchors, get daily news headlines and a daily news update featuring two of our lovely and professional Naked News anchors. Are you bored of looking at old men in business suits giving you todays headlines; ever wondered what that weather girl looked like in a bikini? Thats where Naked News has made all you wishes come true. We present you with beautiful women in stunning video delivering all the headlines and sports that you want to watch. Why settle for bland news when our Naked News anchors will make the news worth watching. This app is designed as an introduction to the Naked News and does not contain access to our regular naked program. In accordance with App Store guidelines, this app does not contain any nudity.


• “FEELING A little depressed after watching the news these days? Have reports of terror, war and economic hard times left you wishing the news could be different? Hello Naked News.” London Independent

• "Naked News" camp sensibility signals all the makings of a cult hit.” Chicago Tribune

• “Let’s applaud the Naked News for doing what the Web does best: confronting and pushing back the boundaries of conventional media”. Online Journalism Review

• “Confident anchor uncovers the news.” USA Today

• “Just the Bare Facts. The Naked News Has More Appeal Than Just the Nudity.”

• “The Net at its nuttiest spawns ideas that in hindsight seem inevitable. Such is the feeling when you see NakedNews." Yahoo Internet Life

• “Make no mistake - this is a real news broadcast.” The Daily Texan


✓ Some of the internets most beautiful women bringing you news stories in a way that you wish every other news broadcast would
✓ Up-to-date International News ticker to keep you informed of events as they happen
✓ Exclusive photo galleries of all our gorgeous anchors
✓ One of a kind trading cards with anchor bios and information
✓ Anchor puzzle games with unlockable levels